Generally, a heating source (steam, electric, Heat oil …) is used for heating. The target evaporative component or concentrated component is obtained. In any case, the thin film flow type, forced circulation type, natural circulation, Calandria type or Kelton type wil be applied. Depending on properties and characteristics of concentrated solution.

When considering the evaporation or concentration operation, the most important thing is that they save energy to heat and evaporate water. So it is our mission to propose the suitable solution on how to effectively use this energy

Energy saving for evaporation and concentration which can be proposed by us including the heat pump method, multi-effect method, steam ejector,…

For beverage and food factories, we will co-work with CONG MINH, Contractor & Manufacturer which has more than 20 years of experience for proposing the optimum solution and executing the project. Conventional & Energy saving method such as heat pumps, 3 effect concentration.

Example of Calandria Concentration System & Accessories equipment installed outdoor